About us

Our company Agat Realty:

Analyze the market to know the purchase price of recent operations.
It makes an estimated analysis of the value and advises on the market trend. 
Do a "due diligence" of the business.
Marketing plan to advertise the property on real estate portals or on the company's website.
If it is a second-hand home, adapt the house through home staging techniques, if necessary.

Make appointments to show housing, and attend the days of visit.
It provides the necessary information to those interested about mortgages and contacts with banks.
It makes the contracts of sale or rent.
Gives legal and tax advice on sales or rental operations. And it also gives information about the taxes that must be paid depending on the operation.

Accompany customers in the signing of the sale of the house.
In the case of rentals, they can provide a comprehensive service. In this way, the real estate company that manages rentals must be pending contract renewals, as well as attend to possible incidents in the properties and act as intermediaries between owners and tenants. Assistance and legal advice for the property if necessary.